Project Initiatives

Program activities include recruiting underrepresented Native youth while reconnecting youth who are away from their tribal homelands.

Morning Star Leaders bridge young people to local urban tribes, educational communities, learning institutions, and non-profits with a goal to develop strong allies and leaders to serve all of Indian Country. With this goal, we work together to provide effective leaders who work on behalf of their communities and work hand-in-hand with other federal, state, and local authorities, schools and post-secondary institutions, and the nonprofit, business, arts and philanthropic communities.

Quarterly Native Youth Initiatives: Educational Series focusing on Personal, Social, and Cultural Development

Annual Native Youth Initiatives:  Backpack Drive: Backpacks serve the greater rural Arizona.  State Planning Begins in Janurary with delivery by the end of July each year,  Native Youth are encouraged to nominate their classrooms, grades, or district to become recipients.

2013 Backpack Drive – Channel 12 News Footage