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Youth Council Members

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Youth Council Overview

The name of the organization is the Morning Star Leaders, Inc and the youth council program serves Native American youth
in the greater metropolitan area in Arizona. Through traditional indigenous leadership teachings, Morning Star Leaders Inc.
will preserve, strengthen, and renew cultural identity in indigenous youth.

In 2013, the youth council was created to encourage decision making opportunities for youth. The founding members learned
from national youth group experiences and recognized there is much more to do in Arizona. Today the youth council is comprised
of Jr. high, high school and recent graduates who serve as our emerging leaders. Registration is open to all native youth
and tribes around the Arizona.

As youth grow and commit to learning, we witness a transformation in confidence, skills building and competency in areas
of health, personal, social, and creativity. The leadership program helps create and shape a wide variety of experiences
for youth ages 14-18 years old and youth transition youth between ages 19-24 years old. The program focus areas include:
Cultural Education & Arts, Advocacy & Self-Governance, Literacy & Research, Community Leadership, Educational Trips,
Volunteerism, and Civic Engagement.

The collective body of youth council members are offered culturally rich and professional development training
opportunities during their terms and their ongoing participation. Members are strongly encouraged to take an
active role in community efforts to that foster volunteerism in arts and educational opportunities. Members are
encouraged to share concerns, issues and success with other members. Special guests and speakers are invited
to connect and engage with youth focusing on heritage & culture, education, social justice, law & policy, health,
environmental issues, economic development and relevant topics for native peoples.

The goals and outcomes are intended to foster competencies in the areas of creativity, cultural, health, personal,
social, academic and citizenship competencies.


Seats: Term: Reports To:
President Elected two-year term Morning Star Leaders, Board of Leaders and Youth Advisor(s)
Vice President Elected two-year term Morning Star Leaders, Board of Leaders and Youth Advisor(s)
Secretary (Recorder) Elected one-year term Morning Star Leaders, Board of Leaders and Youth Advisor(s)
Secretary (Corresponding) Elected one-year term Morning Star Leaders, Board of Leaders and Youth Advisor(s)
Treasurer Elected one-year term Morning Star Leaders, Board of Leaders and Youth Advisor(s)
Historian Elected one-year term Morning Star Leaders, Board of Leaders and Youth Advisor(s)

MEMBERS-AT-LARGE (President & Vice President):
Members-At-Large, one male and one female, shall be willing to serve on the Morning Star Leaders Executive
Board of Leaders and contribute to the organizational decisions. These members will be Youth Officers currently
serving in the youth council. The collective body of youth council executives will meet twice a month,
throughout the year: Work Session, Monthly Meeting and Fun Day.

Members-at-Large shall be informed about the nonprofit strategic direction and be participate in discussions
regarding overall affairs and transactions of Morning Star Leaders. Members-at-Large shall knowledge on
agenda topics when casting a vote, if questions arise, members are encourage to ask questions. Records are
property of the Morning Star Leaders, Inc. Just as we are expected to carry ourselves in the presence of elders or
grandparents, the conduct both inside and outside of board meetings are to represent the positive values of the
organization. Members-at-Large are people entrusted to serve in a greater leadership capacity for youth and the
generations to come.

Demonstrate personal leadership by:
1. Identifying tribal lineage and/or clan systems while engaging in clanship connections.
2. Identifying core values that define and inspire personal leadership and developmental growth.
3. Respecting planning efforts of volunteers, attend regular meetings and/or activities.
4. Communicating in a timely and respectful manner via email, phone calls, and social media.
5. Providing oral and written monthly reports to the Youth Advisor and the Youth Council;
6. Contributing to planning efforts of workshops, trainings, or conferences;
7. Presenting issues or concerns respectfully to the Youth Council or Youth Advisor;
8. Sharing benefits of Morning Star Leaders Youth Council with peers, and community.
9. Practicing great care or stewardship with resources, time, and talent.

Being a community ambassador means:
1. Serve as link for community youth services and projects;
2. Represent and contribute objectively and informatively in the best interest of youth and peers;
3. Educate peers, community and stakeholders about the benefits of youth leadership activities;
4. Uphold and respect ancestral teachings of our people.


1. Must have previous experience as an executive Morning Star Leaders Youth Council, or related position outside of MSLYC serving a body of peers in a leadership capacity.
2. Shall be willing to participate in Morning Star Leaders Board of Leaders Member-At-Large as needed
3. Shall be willing to participate as a member of the Morning Star Leaders Youth Council Executive Committee.
4. Have previous active membership in any youth leadership program for up to three months or more.
5. Shall maintain a grade point average of 3.0

1. Shall be registered in high school, college, vocational training school, or in good standing with place of employment;
2. Shall be affiliated with a tribal nation or enrolled member of the federally recognized tribe;
3. Shall maintain a alcohol, drug, tobacco and bully free lifestyle;
4. Shall be 13 to 24 years of age;
5. Shall academically maintain a “B” average. If the incoming elected executive’s grade falls below a “B”, a probationary period will be initiated for one quarter in office.
6. Shall respond helpfully to peers when physical, mental and social concerns arise;
7. Be willing to express ideas clearly, orally and in writing;
8. Be willing to demonstrate respect of tribal customs and traditions including perspective of others;
9. Be willing to demonstrate and maintain effective working relationships with Native youth of varied economic, educational and cultural backgrounds; and
10. Be willing to demonstrate positive attitudes while communicating and interacting with peers and volunteers;

1. Grade Report shall be submitted with application as a condition of appointment and as needed.
2. Verification letter may be from youth leadership program at school or in community.

Download 2017 MSLYC Election Calendar

Date: Details:
Fri, Sept 1, 2017 – Mon. Sept. 4, 2017 Nominations are open, request nomination form or see website at
Fri. Sept. 8, 2017 @ 7:00PM Special Teleconference Meeting: Held by Election Committee Chairs for the
purpose of reading executive office duties, responsibilities and qualifications criteria
for Youth Council offices and questions related to submitting a nomination application.
Fri. Sept. 8, 2017 Candidate certification finalized.
Fri. Sept 8, 2017 –
Fri. Sept. 15, 2017
Campaign Period.Fun. Creative , Clean, Respectful, and Honest.
Campaign, 7 Day
Sat. Sept 16, 2017 Election Day. Youth under 24 years are eligible to vote on election day
Sun. Sept 17, 2017 Mandatory Officer-Elect Training
Sat. Oct 1, 2017 Inauguration Ceremony for all members.
Oath of Office Ceremony for newly
elected and general members.
Location to be announced.